"Chad has brought professional level voice talent to multiple Invrse projects with extremely short deadlines. His characterizations for our game “Natural 20” brought a static world to life, and his combat sounds for the game “Hero Sword” gave us every vocalization needed to ship." - Ryan Smith (INVRSE Reality)

"Wow thank you so so much!! And yes i did :) Your lines were done beautifully. Thank you so much for bringing Landon to life and for your time in this project." Zodiac Pictures

"I'm literally dying of laughter at your lines (the comedic ones) they seriously give me life. Thank you so much for these, they're excellent." - Death List

Chad, Wow You have done a great Job. You have an amazing voice, Just amazing. They are coool. You will have your part inside the game

Really, we love your job. Never expected something like this stuff! GREAT WORK! -Arsmen Corp Gaming

Chad and I worked together on the audiobook production of my latest novel, The Whale in the Cave. Should you ever find yourself listening to this fine audiobook and ask yourself, "Could there be a more supple, well-annunciated, and compelling vocal performance?", just know that the answer is no. It is quite literally the most perfect audiobook performance of all time. If you do not believe me, give the sample on Audible a try. You'll see.
Chad was a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional with an insistence on quality above all else. I am thoroughly pleased with the end result and, should my next novel complete before I am taken away from this wonderful planet, I would surely come back and work with Chad again. - Mike Avitabile (The Whale in the Cave)

"Such a bright and wonderful young man!" - My Mom



Past Clients:

Wish App - Voice Over - Wish

Looper Videos - Narrator - Zergnet

Petco - Dog narrator - OneKreate

Elsinore - Fortinbras - Golden Glitch

Post Human War - Various - Studio Chahut

Dork Souls 3 - Friend/zombies/merchant - Bitter-Strike Cartoons

Ravain's Revenge - Ravain - Jayden Savage

Whispering Pines - Karl - Stefle Studios

Battletech/TBD - Mech Warrior - Harebrained Schemes

A Hero's Call (Xbox GFA Award) - Festus/Wilhelm/Trailer/Casting Assistant - Out of Sight Games

Y-Com - Mecha Soldier - Vampiric Studios

TBD - Scratch/Various - SuckerPunch Productions

Crazy Driver - Male Driver - Arsmen Corps

Starrmazer - Psycho Pilot - Imago Softworks

X-World - Duan Buhai & Jin kan - Asobimo

Dismortal - Fear - Space Sake Productions

Chef Toons - Various - Chef Toons

Marry Me (3 SIFF awards 2016) - Zanti - Director

Minerva - Various - Paragon Unity

Acrewood - Duke - Dograd

Duumb (Doom Parody) - CJ/Monsters - Bitter-Strike Cartoons

The Legend of Lucky Pie - Lucky - LuckyPie Productions

Star Space - Angus - ToGoBoldly