Proffessional Voice Actor And
On-Air Talent


I spent my entire life knowing my true passion and building up to that dream. I started with small things like morning announcements for 2 years in high school and radio broadcasting for local high school sports. Following high school I pursued radio in Milwaukee until I decided to take up an enlistment in the US Navy. The military taught me some major life lessons, but more importantly to me, it helped me feel what my father before me felt during his service. Now, 6 years later, I am nestled in the greater Seattle area with a nice at home studio.

I have had the last several years to branch from purely commercial voice over to the crazy world of animation voice acting. It has been a wonderful experience and I look forward every day to finding new projects to help with and new communities to break into. Most recently I have been involved in the new world of Virtual Reality (VR) Gaming. Many studios in the Seattle area have been breaking into the VR world developing amazing video games. I have even had the opportunity to help develop video games for the blind! Strongly immersive audio keyed with motion response is being used to help bring video games and new worlds to those suffering from visual impairments.

Rest assured, I am not slowing down. I look forward to working with new people in the future and if you think you would like to be one of them, hop on over to my booking page to get in touch with me!




Born in the small town of Burlington on November 10th 1989 outside of Milwaukee, WI. Chad was raised in a military family that moved around a bit. From Wisconsin, to Florida, to Washington, and then back to Wisconsin after his parents divorce for elementary school and North Chicago for Middle. Moved out to Virginia Beach, VA to attend Landstown High School/Technology Academy. Some bad choices with life changing consequences led him back to his hometown of Burlington, WI to finish out high school. During that time he pursued his passion of VO and some theater work along with public announcing and Radio Work, even live sportscasting. Enlisted into the Navys Submarine Force at age 20 and after training found himself back in WA state serving aboard the USS Ohio (SSGN-726) living In Silverdale, WA for the rest of his enlistment and post separation. He is now a full time professional voice actor with hundreds of various VO credits around the internet and also pursuing his love for film in the city of Seattle. Married to Chelsea Fischer September 5th 2016.